Are you eligible to apply for this course?

Yes, if you meet both criteria 1 and 2 below

  1. Currently enrolled in a Master's degree with a Bachelor's degree in Biological science
    Enrolled in a PhD programme in Biological science
    Working as Postdoc/Faculty member in a University/UGC affiliated college
  2. Completed & passed atleast one course in the area of ecology / evolution at BSc/MSc level (Transcripts have to be uploaded)

Instructions for applicants

Step 1: Register on the GIAN portal GREGN/index . On successful registration you will receive a GIAN registration number.

Step 2: Click on 'Course registration' tab on the GIAN portal

Step 3: Choose "Speciation and the Web of Life" from the list of courses displayed & click 'Save' to register for this course. Finally click on 'Confirm Course(s)'

After completing steps 1-3 above on the GIAN portal, please return to this website to complete step 4.

Step 4: Fill in the application

Last date for submitting application is 05-08-2016